Beta has been manufacturing transformers for nearly 20 years, developing an expertise unmatched for producing low-to medium-power transformers. Whether you require a transformer for a medium-power, switching power supply or a simple reference transformer for a synchro/resolver circuit, Beta can design and build to your specifications or provide you with one of our high-quality standard reference transformers.

Beta's Design Engineers make sure that you receive the EMI/RFI isolation, input/output voltages, and the package type you require for optimum performance. As the photo shows, Beta power transformers are available in a variety of package configurations including: open frame, potted, pc-board mount or chassis mount. Give Beta the opportunity to meet your Power Transformer requirements in your next design.

Power and Switch Mode Brochure

BCM Series - Miniature Low-Profile EMI Common Mode Choke MIL-PRF-27, Grade 5, Class S

BPI Series - Miniature Low-Profile Power Inductor MIL-PRF-27, Grade 5, Class S

MPT Series - Up to 9VA, 400 HZ, Many Configurations

Custom Designs Available

Contact us for more information and assistance with your next power transformer design.