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MLP-3000 Series
Datasheet: bumlp3000ds.pdf
Rev: A
Miniature Low-Profile 0.400" Square by 0.185" Height MIL-STD-1553 Transformers


  • Miniature package requires less board space than QPL equivalents
  • Ideal for High Vibration Environments
  • Dual Ratios Available
  • Low Profile, Through-Hole Design
  • For Use with MIL-STD-1553A and B, McAir, A-3818, A-5690, A-5232, and A-4905
  • -55°C to +130°C Operating Temperature Range
  • Built and Tested to MIL-PRF-21038 and MIL-STD-202


The military data bus specification, MIL-STD-1553, brought about the need for versatile pulse transformers that meet all the electrical requirements of Manchester II serial bi-phase data transmission. The MLP-3000 series of transformers provide the turns ratio configurations, component isolation, and common mode rejection ratio characteristics necessary for MIL-STD-1553A and B compliance.

The step-up and step-down ratios that are available with with the MLP-3000 series complement DDC's entire MIL-STD-1553 product line. These are low-profile transformers that reduce board space 78% over the equivalent QPL SMT transformer and 59% over the equivalent QPL through-hole transformer. They are encapsulated and meet the performance requirements of MIL-PRF-21038. Sinusoidal or trapezoidal waveforms are accurately processed, making the MLP-3000 series of transformers an excellent choice for any MIL-STD-1553A or B application.